Arrival times : Whilst we always endeavour to arrive when we say we will, we cannot guarantee against delays (particularly London congestion). We will however phone you beforehand in the event of a delay and keep you updated.

Changes in items and numbers : Vantastic Man reserves the right to charge extra for additional items that weren't included in the original quote.

Parking : It is the customer's responsibility to make sure adequate parking arrangements have been made. If suitable please arrange for a parking bay suspension or have the appropriate parking ticket pre-ordered. Any fines or charges will be added to the final bill. If we are unable to park within 15 metres of your front door we withhold to right to charge extra.

Packing : Please make sure all items are safely packed. Glass items and delicates must be bubble wrapped. Boxes must not be over packed and ideally not half-empty, as this also leads to damage. See moving guidelines

Cancellation : No cancellation fee for 24 hours notice prior to move.


We reserve the right to sub-contract some or all of the work.
If we do sub-contract, then these conditions will still apply save to the extent that nothing in these terms and conditions shall confer on any other third party any benefit or right to enforce these terms and conditions.

Please note : We are reasonable people. When it comes to unforeseen circumstances we understand that some things are out of your and our control. However, we do ask that you think about every eventuality beforehand and inform us accordingly. For example, is the estate agent going to be there? Have you already withdrawn the cash payment? Will the sofa fit up the stairway or will a window need to come out?

Thank you. Vantastic Man